Instructors & trainer courses

Training for every target group of padel trainers

A) Instructors International Level 1

Suitable for all padel players with basic knowledge and ambitions to learn all the important details for beginner padel training from a professional source.

3 days of training including exam


Methodology & didactics
Technical aspects
Psychological aspects
Medical aspects
Physiological aspects
Training planning

B) International level 2 trainer course

Suitable for all level 1 instructors with at least one year of experience or for padel coaches who are already active and want to offer advanced training and coaching in several areas of the game.

C) International level 3 trainer course

Training takes place in the Octavio Tennis & Padelacademy in Spain

Suitable for all graduates of the Level 2 course with at least 2 years of experience or for everyone who has been working as a paddle trainer for several years. The level 3 training is aimed at all full-time paddle trainers with the aim of educating and training professional players.