P|A Padeldays @ Colony Club Wien

The summary of the last 5 days: Over 40 padel players were able to train with our head coach Octavio, 10 new padel trainers took part in the Level 1 training and 3 padel trainers passed the P|A Level 1 exam.

In great and sometimes very hot weather, more than 40 padel players improved their padel with our head coach Octavio. The padel national teams were also present among the training padel players. They are preparing for the World Cup qualification with Octavio.

From Friday to Sunday Octavio shared his knowledge with future P|A padel trainers. The theoretical part was presented in the clubhouse of the Colony Club. The participants and Octavio spent almost 70% of the training directly on the court – in sunny and slightly rainy weather.

The end of the Padeldays was the final exam of the course participants in June 2022. All 3 participants were able to successfully complete the exam and are now part of the P|A trainer network. Congratulations!

Thanks to the Colony Club Vienna for the great cooperation.

We are already working on the next Padeldays or we will announce the next course date shortly.