Successful P|A Padeldays

At the end of October 2022, the third P|A Padeldays in the Colony were on the agenda. 12 future coaches completed our Level 1 course, 3 new coaches mastered the final exam and some padel players improved their skills at the clinics with Octavio.

Our head coach Octavio passed on his coaching knowledge to 12 future P|A padel coaches. The 3 days began with theoretical units in which various aspects (training structure, psyche, motivation, …) were discussed. During the units on the courts – in autumnal weather – head coach Octavio showed the participants how to teach a student step-by-step the individual strokes of padel. Everything was discussed and practiced, starting with the hits on the defensive, through the offensive hits to serve and return.

3 P|A coaches were able to successfully complete their final exam of their P|A training. In the final exam, the theoretical knowledge is evaluated on the one hand and the performance as a coach on the other.

Congratulations to the newly minted P|A coaches!

The next Padeldays will follow in 2023. We will let you know in good time – then you can book your training or register for our course.